High density jersey


素材自体のしっかりとしたタフさに加え、仕上げ加工での美しく続く白い色。そんな素材だから着用と洗濯の繰り返しでも劣化せずにいつの日かユーザーのMY VINTAGEになる。

Standard T-shirt material at “tangenet”.
It is a sturdy high gauge jersey material born in the Hokuriku production area.
It is a 36 gauge high gauge knit that interweaves cotton and stretchy polyester called T400. Utilizing the stretchiness of T400, the finely woven material was made to have some stiffness and stability- a fabric with a sense of security, so to say. Fabric woven by the original technique of HIRONEN in Fukui
prefecture is processed at Tokai Senko with an anti-yellowing and
dirt-resistant finish. In addition to the toughness of the material itself, the
finish makes it a long-lasting beautiful white. Because it’s this special material, the T-shirt doesn’t deteriorate with repeated wash and wear over time, so that one day it will become the owner’s very own personal vintage item.

Rayon sufu


Standard shirt material at “tangenet”. Rayon sufu is a short fiber rayon textile that was used until around the 1980s. Unlike long fiber rayon, it has little luster and has a surface texture similar to cotton. The raw material is the eucalyptus tree. It doesn’t require pesticides or chemical fertilizers and can be grown in a small land area, making it a plant with little environmental impact. Solvents used in the manufacturing process are recycled so that it doesn’t produce any waste liquid either. Twill material made by the environmentally friendly manufacturer Morikiku is processed at Tokai Senko in Hamamatsu with an anti-yellowing and dirt-resistant finish.
It is a white shirt material that gets a nice worn-in feel the more it is used,
making it suitable for shirts to be cherished for a long time.

Wagyu leather