いつの日か Vintage になる服

tangent (接する)
gene (遺伝子)
network (人々の繋がり)を組み合わせたブランド名

洋服 と 和服の接点
Fashion と Basic の接点
Vintage と Modern の接点
Man と Woman の接点

Japanese Manufacturing を発信し

Fusion of Western and Japanese.
Someday clothes that will become vintage.
Passing down the Japanese craftmanship for the next generation.

tangenet - a brand name that combines
tangent,gene and network.

There is a tangent between Clothes,Kimono,Fashion, Basics, Vintage, Modern, Man and Woman.
We are inspired by the value of these new connections.

Using our creativity by materialized trough human connection, We aim to spread the tangent between highly skilled Japanese Manufacturing and our precise craftsmanship through our clothes.

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